Travel is more than a word and traveling alone is more than a lonely road. Traveling has become a real and exciting relationship that I never want to part from. I travel with me because it is the way to tell the world: I am free to dream and fight for my dreams! Our goal in life is to be happy. I never travel aloneā€¦ I am always with myself and my dreams!

I travel alone because I learned that happiness is in being free, in understanding that you don’t need anyone else but you to be the woman you dreamed of; free and authentic. Because it serves to adjust the imagination to reality and to see things as they are, instead of thinking how they will be. I am filled with wonderful people along the way and I feel that the world is smaller and more attainable.

At one point in the journey I forgot and healed; I managed to put my fears aside. Those experiences let me know how far I can go and why they have allowed me to meet wonderful people, why I feel part of the whole when I do it, because it makes me realize that one is a multitude, and suddenly the whole of humanity becomes family.

I learned to know myself and to share time with myself! Getting lost is an adventure, I developed a sense of alertness and location. It’s a way to prove that it’s worth the risk and prove that nothing can go wrong. The magic of sharing what you are living is what gives life to every trip, it’s what pushes you to go further, that’s the magic of traveling alone, to live life your way and know that you are doing the right thing, not for the world but for yourself.

I travel alone to break the stereotypes that the world instills in us, so I can connect with my essence and recognize myself. I can strengthen myself in any adversity, get out of my comfort zone, broaden my horizons of the world and life. Traveling stimulates my intellectual capacities, makes me more creative and develops my social and emotional skills.

The best thing happens when you find yourself out of your comfort zone, bring out the best in you and learn from yourself and others day by day!

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