The second thing I want to tell you about my experiences traveling in this year 2020 is the need we have to do it. For some, before the pandemic, travel could be considered a luxury or a whim that we had to have once or twice a year, nothing could be further from the truth.

Amidst the chaos, uncertainty and fear of this year, we can recognize that travel is another important part of our lives. It is the only way to reunite families abroad, provide growth for businesses that wish to expand and above all improve our priority for this year: stable and lasting health.

Traveling allows you to get out of your comfort zone, learn about other cultures, broaden your views of the world and explore your personal and professional opportunities. All the changes you experience on a trip (city, language and culture) reduce stress and improve the physical and mental health that we have lost in the face of life on the road.

The hope that everything will get better lies in having plans, dreams and experiences that give us happiness and joy. We experience all these emotions by traveling and this has been the first element that all countries have included in their long list of covid-19 restrictions.

I believe that the responsibility to feel free and happy again belongs to all of us, that by following the health protocols we have the security we need traveling in times of covid-19. Stability is in you, in your goals, objectives and the will you have to achieve them. Do not wait for anyone to save you and Travel to be Happy.

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