When evaluating how to finance your trip around the world, you can think of several options. There is no single option that is best suited for long-term travel financing. It really depends on your intentions and goals for your trip.

Traveling for 3 months or more, for many, seemed like total madness, especially because of the jobs and responsibilities we have, but also because of the money this adventure would cost us.

But if you clarify your intentions and objectives, you will be able to decide which is the best way to finance your trip. I propose you to know the best option you can use to travel around the world.

Traveling the world without worrying about money

The idea is to build a portfolio of assets that generates enough income to cover our travel expenses on a regular basis.

For example, if we own an apartment or a house, we can rent it when we travel around the world and use part of the proceeds to cover travel expenses.

If we work while traveling, it’s another way to earn enough money to cover travel expenses and generate the assets we need. If you want to travel the world without having to think about when to return, this could be for you. The term Digital Nomad during the covid-19 pandemic has become almost synonymous with long-term travel. Simply put, financing your travel by working while you travel means you can travel to the destinations you want while spending part of your time working for sponsors.

The combination of these factors: renting properties and working as a digital nomad are the best way to finance your travels around the world.

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