There are many lives to live and the idea of knowing them is what moves us, what encourages us to cast off. The idea of the unexpected, the unknown makes us feel strong and invincible. It is that drop that spilled the glass that gave you the impulse to change, do not waste it, go ahead because there is always another life to live, other people to meet, another world to learn.

We are born with the idea that we have one life and as such we have to perfect it in order to reach the climax of well-being that society imposes on us: a good house, car, job, family, etc. But have you ever asked yourself, why does it have to be one? In one life you can live many lives because every time you finish a story you start again from scratch.

You can be reborn in a different city, speak another language and have another profession. This is called emigrating, but society also sees it as something strange when you do it several times, and they call you crazy, adventurous or just a misfit.

I see life like the albatross. These marvelous birds, everything that is great about their wings is true to them. Albatrosses are the long-distance seabirds, the globetrotters par excellence. Although the vital strategies of these seabirds (very long development cycle, delayed sexual maturity, low fecundity, etc.) make them extremely vulnerable to these threats both at sea and on land, they always continue their journey.

Although albatrosses mate for life, they can find new mates if necessary, for example, if they outlive their first mate. The albatrosses’ behavior, which delays the time of breeding, makes them eternal travelers in search of that companion or “love” that will last them for a lifetime, and what a lifetime it is: albatrosses live for about 50 years.

Life is not just one, because whenever you have the opportunity to change and start from scratch you start living another life. That’s why you have to live many lives and fly as far as you can reach!

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