If we apply well the tips of the previous article: it is better to travel with financing, we have a comfortable financial budget for travel that allows us to designate a part to those unforeseen events that may arise.

I recommend you to add to your trip a medical insurance even if you have a part of it for emergencies. This medical insurance can be the same that you use in your country privately, which covers your expenses for 90 days on an international trip.

Your vacations will have the security you need in the face of the situation we live in and the return home will be pleasant without the stress of having spent all the money you had.

Leave this emergency money on your debit card and carry only a portion of the budget in cash, the temptation to spend and the risk of losing it all to theft will be less.

If you have already bought in advance the tickets to the tourist sites and the hotel, you will not have to spend this cash and you will save time in long lines for the most visited places.

Finally, and very useful for traveling is to record expenses during the trip. If you think about it, keeping a note on your phone with all the expenses will allow you to adjust the daily money and if you travel in a group or as a couple you will be able to control at the end how much each one owes to the other.

To do this, all members of the group, for example, will download the Splitwise app and each person will add (in the group app) the payments they have made and if any of the members have paid them a part. Everything will be recorded and you will be able to manage the money during the trip.

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