We live in a culture of evasion (“of oneself and of social problems”) and alienation (“we become so preoccupied with something that we become detached, alienated, from ourselves”); therefore we especially need to “travel within ourselves“. For this journey – risky and integrative, full of fears and distractions – we need to know the map with which to situate ourselves in our psychological, spiritual, etc. territory. In addition, we will need guides, light luggage, to learn to rest and dialogue along the way.

When we undertake a trip (for example during a vacation period) we often only change scenery, landscape, culture, but we do not change ourselves. Although everything induces us to change our thoughts and way of living, the reality is that psychological immobility remains intact when we return home. The vacation trip remains in pleasant memories and photographs, while our mind returns to the everyday, to the known, without risks or changes that alter our “false stability”.

Because to really live we need to travel inside ourselves. To witness with amazement our discontinuous continuity, our identity that is recreated through personal and social growth after this journey. We need to change continuously in order to dialogue, with truth, with the environment, to live with authenticity our steps along the different paths of life.

Because “everything flows”. Because people, places, situations change your life constantly. You cannot stop the river of your life, your life is born from its source, it follows its course and if you want to be conscious you have to flow with it without being afraid of rapids or waterfalls, knowing how to rest in its backwaters, feeding its ditches, receiving its tributaries and directing yourself with a serene consciousness towards the sea. You should not anchor yourself in any idea, person, situation, experience, that prevents you from flowing, navigating, opening yourself to the life that you make and the life that makes you.

It’s not about change for the sake of change, for the sake of fashion. Compulsive change also takes you away from yourself. To travel inside yourself is to search for the identity that will allow you to speak your authentic word to life. It is the path to the truth about yourself. It is when you integrate, unify, come and go from the outside in and from the inside out and when you are guided by the healthiest part of yourself. You flow freely with all the opportunities and scenarios that life gives you to change or modify your steps, even if they mark another side of the road.

It is not an easy journey and being risky causes a lot of fear, proof of this are the very few people who undertake it. Most of humanity does not dare to get to the bottom of this journey to the interior of oneself, because we avoid all kinds of pain that can cause us to become aware of what we are. Fear blocks us from the dark areas we may have but also from the knowledge of the truth and the discovery of inner peace.

Fear leads us to settle in a quality, to anchor ourselves in an idea or an ideology and then stop being nomads of our inner world to become superficially sedentary. It evades us from the narrow path that will allow us to achieve our objectives.

But: before and after walking, take the fearless journey into yourself!

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