Travelers say that “One of the wonders of nature that is repeated every year happens in the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary, in the state of Michoacán, Mexico. There, from October to April, you can observe millions of Monarch butterflies that, despite their small size, only 9 cm, migrate thousands of kilometers. Without GPS or any ultramodern navigation system, the species is able to return to the same hibernation sites after several generations. Monarch butterflies repeat their journey every year from North America. Their flight patterns are intuitive, inherited and apparently based on a mixture of circadian rhythms and the position of the sun in the sky. It is one of the few insects that manages to make transatlantic crossings. A few Monarch butterflies arrive in southwest Britain and Spain in years of favorable winds”… guided by their instinct.

This story of the Monarch butterflies that let their instinct lead them on a journey that will take them to warmer places where they can spend the winter seems to me a good example to encourage us to cast off, to leave the port, to leave our comfort zone to reach destinations we dream of.

We all need, as Monarch butterflies do, to embark on a journey to reach the goals we have set for ourselves. We need to trust our intuition in order to move towards our dreams and turn them into reality and not wait until we have everything under control. Because that is what life is all about, taking risks for what we dream and believe in, for what we are passionate about, and learning to trust.

To trust in your instinct, in what makes your heart vibrate and your soul illusionate. Trust in the flight without fear of the result that you may have, because even being negative you have gained experience, you learned to function in a new habitat and most importantly you prove to yourself that you can do anything.

And yes, it is very important to set goals, to establish where we want to go. Goals direct us, guide us, but we should not let them take total control of our life and prevent us from enjoying the present.

Therefore, when you decide, when you start your journey, put the five senses and enjoy because only then you can feel when the wind blows in your favor.

So, listen to your instinct that will help you choose which path is the most suitable and the one that takes you the furthest!

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