While it’s good to work towards achieving our goals, don’t you feel that constantly chasing things makes you run all the time and not “enjoy the moment”? What if, for example, while you are in a country and you think “Mmm, I’d really like to stay here longer…”, I mean a real feeling, not a whim?

You have many goals and you are doing current things to work towards them, but life puts you in new and unexpected situations that change directions and divert your path; literally when you are walking you find side streets that are worthwhile, trying to listen to the surprises that arise, and enjoy each day without thinking about the end destination.

As I said, great question. The short answer in my case is yes, from time to time I would like to stay longer somewhere. I feel that way every time I travel. I’m not sure what to expect from places, so I don’t plan to stay much longer than 7 days, but then they turn out to be one of my favorite places in the World and I want to extend my stay until I become an expert local guide to that city.

For example, before visiting Montreal, I felt that I had seen enough of the world and it wouldn’t be that different. (It’s not always popular to say, but in various regions of the world, many of the places are quite similar). However, Montreal is a magical place and so much fun at the same time. The city has a life of its own that may sound strange but is as real as its language and delicious French food.

In addition to being a city full of opportunities of all kinds, this destination is the meeting point of many cultures. Visiting Montreal means seeing, smelling, tasting and hearing many corners of the world. You can listen to music (mainly jazz) in any of its streets and enjoy a night of spectacular dancing in the Latin Quarter, after a good drink in the bars of the Boulevard St-Laur.

“The important thing, it’s not traveling to go anywhere, it’s traveling to move.

Get out of your comfort zone.”

I travel for the sake of traveling. I like the process of getting from one place to another. I like airports, buses, shuttles, hotel rooms, trains, subways… and I like putting the pieces of the puzzle together: how can I get three different tickets in a short space of time? How can I apply for visas for Burundi and Cameroon simultaneously? Will I have enough time for a trip to Turkey before traveling to Canada?

Lately, there are many pieces within the puzzle that make up a trip: PCR, Vaccination Certificate, Visa, Stay Form, etc. And, of course, the fact that what works for some does not work for others. But what defines whether any of us succeeds in enjoying the moment is not necessarily related to geography.

Valuing life is usually more of an internal decision than a response to external circumstances. If you’ve ever been happy during a stressful time at work or unhappy on vacation, you understand how it works.

So, in that sense, it’s best to find a way to enjoy as much as you can at any given time, even if your final destination changes and you fall in love with the city that would be your bridge!

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